Roverway 2009

19. July
Our trip to Iceland started at the airport in Frankfurt. The plane departed at 22.40 and we arrived at the airport in Reykjavik at 0.06 and at the Flatskíli, where we stayed one night, at 4.15.

20. July
We got up at 6.30, because the meeting of the Journey teams started at 8 o'clock and the Opening Ceremony with all the 3000 scouts at 10 o'clock. We left to Skaftafell and stopped at a few beautiful points, where we were able to see a waterfall. At the campsite we played some really funny games from each country. In our group were Rumanians, Slovenians, Icelanders, Swiss and of course Germans.

21. July
We went for a little walk, so that the tribe leaders had the opportunity to check our equipment and hardiness. After that we made some sandwiches for the next day and went to bed very early.

It was they day of our great trip on the glacier! We got up at 4 o'clock and went to the glacier by bus. There we started to walk and the view from nearly the top was really great. We only had the chance to go to the second highest point because it was already too warm, so that the highest point of the glacier wasn't secure enough. We walked 24 kilometres in 15 hours and 2200 meter difference in altitude, so we all were very tiered but had so much fun and we were really proud of ourselves! But that was no reason to go to bed early. There was a campfire and a disco near the campsite, which was really great and where we had the opportunity to get to know everyone a bit better.

23. July
We stood up around 9.30 and left the campsite at 12.45 to help in the national park building a new path. At 20.00 we went by bus to a swimming pool, where we made our own whirlpool!

24. July
This was the last day we stayed with our Journey group. We put down our tents and packed all our stuff. At quarter to 10 we finished and started our way to Althingi, where we looked forward to see all the 3000 scouts from 41 different nations on a big campsite. We had a short stop at another swimming pool and arrived at 16.00 at the campsite. Our tribe had a place next to a lake and it was really beautiful. In the evening there was a Opening Ceremony with all the different journey teams.

25. July
We woke up at 8 o'clock and had breakfast. After that we visited two of the five different villages, the Arty Party tent and the Environmental Village. There we learned how to make a knot and how to take care about the nature. In the evening there were campfires all around the campsite -but campfires without fire- we played a lot of games from all over the world.

26. July
We visited PSST- Village, where we were able to see how the Icelander celebrate Christmas and how to make cola. In the afternoon there was the big Carnival, where all the 41 nations showed something special of their home countries. We all had really much fun to see how the other scouts live their lifes and what they eat in their country. In the evening we all went to the main stage where a band played some really funny songs. At midnight we celebrated Dominiks 18th birthday.

27. July
We started the day sporty in the Sporty Village. We were able to play Ultimate Frisbee and some other funny things. In the afternoon we visited the Vikinger Village, where you could make a spoon out of wood. There was another party this evening at the main stage, where the whole tribe danced together.

28. July
Last day of Althingi. Everyone packed his stuff and put down the tents. At 10 o'clock was a Closing Ceremony at the main stage and everyone was a bit sad, because we had to say goodbye. We took our tent and put it up at the other side of the campsite, because we decided to stay for a few nights more.

29. July
On the first day after Roverway we made a short daytrip with some Italian guys. We walked about 21 kilometres in 5 hours. We went to a lake on the top of a mountain. In the evening we played a lot of funny games with the Swiss, who stayed one night more after Roverway.

30. July
We woke up at 6 o'clock and said goodbye to the Swiss, then we packed our stuff for another daytrip. We walked around 36 kilometres in 9,5 hours. We went to bed early to have enough energy for the next day.

31. July
We woke up at 4 o'clock (yes it was really early). Without having breakfast we started to walk around 5.45. First we walked around the first little lake then around the bigger one. We visited Thingvellir- a national park- and had lunch around 15.00. This day we decided to use the bus the next day. This night we stayed at the campsite in the national park and went to bed early.

01. August
We were really lazy and stood up around 8.45 we had breakfast and washed our clothes and Jan and Hanno swam between Europe and America. Our bus left at 15.50. We had a short time to walk until we reached the campsite. There we cooked pasta and went to bed early, we knew the next day would be a hard day.

02. August
We woke up at 5.00 put down the tent and packed our stuff, The faster group of us (Jan, Hanno, Matthias, Maddin and Thomas) left earlier because they had to bring back our cooker in Reykjavik and so a longer way. Clara, Dominik and me had breakfast first and then we started to walk. We met each other in the middle of the way. We arrived at Ágúst's flat at 11.30, he is an Icelandic guy, who had invited us to a little party before we go back to Germany. When we arrived there, we met also some Slovenian guys from our tribe and with the four Icelandic guys we packed our swimming stuff and went to the swimming pool, because everyone of us needed a shower! After swimming we ate an ice cream and went back to the house. There we had hamburger for dinner, it was really funny to "cook" them. (We only had to cut the vegetables.) This night we had a really great party with the Icelandic guys the Slovenian guys and some Icelandic guys we didn't know before! But we also had to say goodbye again, because at 22.00 some of the Slovenian guys had to leave to the airport.

03. August
At 4.00 our taxi arrived at Ágúst's flat and we had to say goodbye again, this time to everyone. We arrived at the airport, had our check-in and waited. Our plane left at 7.25 and our flight took 3 hours. Back at home we arrived in Frankfurt at 12.30 where some parents already waited.

It was a really great experience, where we learned much about other countries and their traditions. Of course we also had very much fun with all the new people we met. Thanks to Freundeskreis DPSG Stockstadt, Stiftung DPSG Diozöse Würzburg, Freundeskreis Doizöse Würzburg, and Gemeinde Stockstadt who all supported us and gave us the chance to take part in this great event! We will never forget these two weeks and the people we met there in Iceland! Special thanks to our tribe leaders Elisabeth and Edda, you were the best we could have! And of course special regards to SKA05 the best Journey team ever!

Carola Debor

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